Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

The FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate globally alluded to as Commercial Pilot License (CPL) qualifies pilots remunerated financially for piloting an aircraft. Dissimilar to the Private Pilot Certificate, which is intended for recreational utilization and just allows the licensed pilot to share the expense of the flight, a CPL is a way to gaining money through your service as an aircraft pilot.

Course Overview

The demand for the pilot license holders, again becoming more grounded and the hopefuls can now really observe their dreams travelling to the real world. Flying Academy, with its specialization in avionics and broad involvement in national and international pilot training, is among a chosen few in India and is ended up being a flawless platform for pilots with its International associations for the most ideal Pilot training.

The role of a pilot is an exceedingly specialized one. It requires information of air navigation, understanding of meteorological reports, operating complicated electronic as well as mechanical controls, leading the aircraft under adverse circumstances, and being a pioneer to the flight group and travelers under climatic and other emergency conditions.

We offer flying training at the best equipped and the best flying facilities in India where you can complete your Pilot Training in most professional way within due time.

What You Will Learn

The Commercial Pilot License enables you to fly an aircraft for remuneration or contract. This is additionally the minimum license requirement for work as a pilot or turns into a flight instructor. Commercial pilots can likewise be paid for specific kinds of activities, for example, agricultural applications, banner towing, and photography.

Commercial Pilot Training for the license centers around a superior consideration of aircraft systems and a higher standard of airmanship. The commercial license itself does not enable a pilot to fly in instrument meteorological conditions. After training He / She can be employed as pilot in Government and civil airlines or in private / corporate companies / flying clubs and has a wide variety of career opportunities.

A commercial airplane pilot must be capable of operating a complicated plane, as a particular number of hours of complex (or turbine-controlled) aircraft time are among the essentials, and no less than a portion of the practical examination is done in a multifaceted aircraft.

Commercial Pilot License Course

Duration : 6 to 8 months

Course Covers:

Air Law, Navigation General, Communications, Human Performance, Aircraft General Knowledge, Meteorology, Principles of Flight, Aircraft Performance, Operational Procedures, Radio Navigation, Instruments, Flight Planning, Mass and Balance.

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I am happy that Flying Academy has helped me to fulfill my dream. This is a good institute, which has amazing faculty and they are quite cooperative. In addition, I the atmosphere here is extremely positive. Placement department provides the best assistance to students.

Radhika Madaan

I am extremely satisfied with the ambiance and the manner of teaching. Flying Academy assisted us to accomplish my goals. I am self-assured that I can serve in the aviation industry.

Geetanjali Singh

I am thankful to the trainers here who have helped me to better my communication skills and assisted me in improving my personality. I am satisfied after doing a Cabin Crew course.


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